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GLEDHILL PCB Exchange & Repair Services

For help diagnosing problems with Gledhill GT155 or GD131 control boards please review the video below or use the contact form below the video to make initial contact I will then email you back to discuss your problem. *** NEW  ***  Exchange service simply purchase a reconditioned GT155 or GD131 pcb for your unit For £100 and it will be despatched first class post signed for to you.  Once you have fitted the replacement unit send me the old one back and subject to it not being physically damaged (burnt or water damaged) you will receive a £45 refund. I can also offer a repair and replacement service for various Gledhill pcb's just get in touch to receive more information, please refer to the purchase page for more details. Current repair price are shown on the Purchase Page NEW - I am now able to offer a repair service for Gledhill XB041 Pump Delay pcb and the XB104 Pump drive pcb (Usual fault either buzzing like mad or dead) Repair £20 inc postage.  The pair can be repaired for £30. I can also offer repair service for the Gledhill GT152 Speed control pcb repairs at £25 inc postage.  Warranty requires return of faulty product but for a refundable deposit I will send out a replacement to minimise downtimes.  Please contact me for details.

***  Any pcb's that cannot be repaired are returned free of charge  ***

Not sure if your pcb is faulty have a look at my videos below for help. 

Buzzing Boilermate II see this YouTube video:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cEK2xUBuRLs 


Contact Murray

For help with Gledhill GT155 or GD131 control boards please make initial contact via the contact form Above.  I will then email you back or if you know what you want use the purchase page to buy using PayPal (you can use a credit card).  Goto Purchase Page

Many thanks Murray